4 Efficient Workflows for Voiceover Recording Sessions

Live room set up for a voiceover recording session

Efficient workflow techniques not only save you time and money in the studio, they also enhance the overall quality of the finished product. If you are a producer considering hiring a recording studio for your next voiceover, this guide will explore key techniques that can transform your recording sessions from average to efficient, promising a […]

Communicating the Unknowable – How to Nail Your Music Brief

Want to write a music brief but feel you lack the musical terminology to do so? Here’s the secret: you don’t need to speak music to brief music. Let’s look at why.
The first-of-its-kind exhibition changes the way blind and partially sighted people experience photography, and challenges the way sighted people understand the world of sight loss.

Featuring 15 incredible images from world-renowned photographers and Canon ambassadors, we were put to task to create immersive audio soundscapes for each image that interprets not only the environment of where each photo was taken but, the story that they tell, making it the only Photography Exhibition you don’t need to see!

Why Creativity Needs Courage

Creativity needs courage

Can you unleash your creative potential while satisfying stakeholders wary about doing something new? Yes. Creativity needs courage. In this article, we’ll discuss how to maintain your creative ideas with stakeholder goals for a truly unique piece that makes you, them, and your future audience happy.

How Great Ideas Create the Best Results

  There’s a lot of noise at the moment about how AI is going to replace everyone in the creative industries. And whilst the concern is real, I believe there is an upside to this new sharp-elbowed algo-competition. It’ll drive better ideas. Let me elaborate. It’ll weed out those peddling generic, wallpapery content-by-numbers – as […]

Get Your Audio Partner Involved Earlier

Transform your content by involving your audio partner early on. Discover the importance of sound and music in your creative journey to create something surprising, unexpected and truly unique,

The Modern Producer – From Facilitator to Peacekeeper

There’s a famous story about a movie producer on a plane. A salesman next to him, fascinated by the film industry and wanting to learn everything he can about it, sparks a conversation. He bombards the producer with a bunch of questions. “So, you shoot the films, right?” No, answers the producer; the director does […]