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Voice Over Recording Studio

Great stories deserve great voice recording

Whether for a thought-provoking documentary, a laugh-a-minute podcast, your brand’s latest campaign, or feature film ADR, a great voiceover is often the central audio ingredient in a truly engaging project.

With over twenty years of experience collaborating with the most exacting global clients across advertising, film TV, radio and podcasting, we know exactly how to effortlessly deliver award-winning voice recordings.




Our complex of 4 studios is nestled in a beautiful tree-lined mews in the heart of Central London, just 5 minutes from Holborn tube (and 10 minutes to National Rail, Euston & King’s Cross).  

Our control rooms can happily accommodate up to 6 guests (plus our engineer) and our master live room is able to seat up to 8 people - perfect for podcasts, audiobooks, larger round table discussions or ensemble ADR.

Surrounded by a plethora of boutique coffee houses and local eateries, our studios are spacious, air conditioned with natural light. Coupled with a good splash of colour and finished with stylish mid-century furniture, we work tirelessly to create an environment conducive to producing creative work. 


And for those unable to attend in person, our bulletproof dial-in setup allows clients to effortlessly watch and listen into pristine sync-locked HD sound (not grainy, bandwidth-reduced audio) - all from one click in a browser. With a direct comms line to the talent, engineer, and in-person attendees, you can provide feedback seamlessly in real-time from the comfort of your own home. No dropouts. No lag. No annoying echo. We’ve got you covered.


Usually, VO reads are at the end of a wider project, often involving long shoots, edits and post production. We understand at this point budgets can be depleted and time can be against you. 

That’s why our rates are on average 40% less expensive than the usual West End studios you might be used to visiting.

Our rates are on average 40% less expensive than the usual West End studios

And with an experienced team of certified in-house engineers and project managers on hand to facilitate your every need, we can be flexible and accommodating to get your session not only booked, but files back to you (fully mixed if need be) with the minimum of fuss. 

No stress - just great sounding voiceovers, happy clients (and talent), and peace of mind for you.

As a project shifts and changes as they naturally do, new clients often come to us as another studios’ availability has become a pinch point. 

You need a studio that can be as flexible as you are, and work with you to bring the session in on time and on budget. The unique cable routing of our studios allows any of our four soundproof control rooms to be connected to any live room, providing plenty of flexibility in accommodating different group sizes and maximising availability for you - exactly when you need it.  

Likewise, we guarantee all enquiries are answered within a maximum of 30 minutes of getting in touch with us. So you can plan with confidence, save time and focus on getting on with managing other areas of the project. 

You need a studio that can be as flexible as you are, and work with you to bring the session in on time and on budget. 91% of sessions we do are completed either on time or quicker than the initial quote we provide clients. 


We understand the importance of being able to effectively budget voiceover recording sessions. Charging by the hour can feel worryingly open-ended, particularly if you’re not sure how long the session might run. 

We’re here to help. 

Having literally thousands of sessions under our belt, 91% of sessions we do are completed either on time or quicker than the initial quote we provide clients. 

So you can rest assured you’re going to ultimately get what you need - for the budget you have or less. 

And when sessions do on occasion run long, our clear rate card keeps things transparent and easy to deal with, with no nasty surprises.


Unlike many studios, we don’t charge you for setup. File ingest, session setup, file hosting, and transfers are also included. 

Files are hosted and delivered with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) via your own dedicated Client Portal - accessible easily from any device. 

And with easy-to-understand file names - no hieroglyphics, complete with all versions continually at hand from one simple location, we believe dlownloading your files should be as headache-free as the way we run our sessions. No more download links that expire, or confusion over which is the latest version. 


We employ tried and tested workflows and best practice session templates that can speed up not just the session itself but file preparation by over a third. 

We pride ourselves on always being one step ahead of any potential curve balls, whether that be script or edit changes or a voiceover artist with a cold. As well as creatively imagining the unimagined, we expect the unexpected and know exactly how to keep the session on track.

Our experience allows us to eek the best possible takes out of voice artists, helping them relax and perform to their peak. Our engineers are able to jump in, offer technical direction, and pick up on things that could be read better / differently, etc to deliver the exact tone your project requires. This leads to helping select the best takes, so that you leave with a killer VO that times well, is engaging, and is full of life.

The session was great and your facilities are marvellous! You've been brilliant. The Futz Butler is a lovely place!

Alex Hardy, award-winning TV/Comedy writer, director and producer


Recording the perfect VO isn’t as straightforward as throwing a mic on a stand and hitting record, as some might have you imagine. Our highly skilled engineers are trained and on hand to squeeze every last drop of quality and character out of your read. 

A good craftsman never blames his tools. But let's face it, you can’t eat soup using a fork. All of our equipment is either top of the range or for those more creative moments - wonderfully vintage (or both). 

Whether in stereo, surround, or immersive formats, running into Pro Tools or Logic -our surplus of expertly curated microphones (some worth £10k+), Dante-enabled audio over IP pre-amps, and warm, crisp-sounding outboard - our gear has been chosen to get the best out of any voice, from the lowest male bass for film trailers to recording kids for radio ads. 

For a full gear list, for the audio nerds, please see here:

Selected Microphones

  • Telefunken ELAM 251
  • Neumann U67 (tube)
  • Neumann U87/102/103/KM184s 
  • Coles 4038 Ribbons (Matched Pair)
  • Sennheiser MKH 418 M/S Boom / Dialogue Mic
  • Rode NT-SF1 Ambisonic Mic
  • Early 60s Telefunken D11c's (Pair)
  • Barcus Berry + JR French Contact Mics
  • Variety of podcast style dynamic mics including Shure SM7b (with cloudlifters), Shure SM57, Sennheiser E906

Selected Pre-Amps & Outboard

  • 8 Channel Neve 1073 OPX (Dante)
  • Chandler Redd.47
  • Thermionic Culture Snow Petrel
  • Focusrite Red 8 Pre (Dante)
  • UAD Apollo X8
  • SPL Goldmike II
  • Bricasti M7 Reverb
  • Lexicon M300 Multi-Effects Processor
  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix Stereo Compressor
  • SSL Bus+ Stereo Compressor
  • Dramastic Audio Obsidian Stereo Compressor
  • Joe Meek Stereo 1.2 Stereo Compressor

If you need help sourcing voice talent for your next project, our close links with voiceover agencies and voice-over artists of all accents and languages, we can help you find the perfect VO, tailored to your specific project.

We are a close-knit team here at The Futz Butler, and we like to think of our clients as extended family. Not just a booking in the diary to get in and out. 

To us, you're a person with a project, and we want to help you go beyond your expectations on your creative journey. When you need the absolute best quality and faultless service - and more importantly don’t want to overpay for the privilege, it’d be our pleasure to welcome you here.