Doing something differently always takes you somewhere new...

We’re a bespoke Music & Sound Studio based in Central London, specialising in Original Music Composition, Sound Design, and Audio Post for Film, Advertising, TV, and Tech. From three-note audio branding to feature film score (and everything in between).

Basically, we create award-winning noise for people. Some melodic, some not.

Our currency is integrity. Authenticity. It’s give a shit. It’s unadulterated love for what we do. We're unashamedly chasers of the unchased.

People work with people, not companies. We were raised on good manners, reliability and rolling your sleeves up and putting in the graft. Look after the small things and the bigger picture takes care of itself. Get under the skin of what a project really needs from the sound and music to resonate emotionally.

So we build our work from the ground up. We design unique sounds and invent one-off custom instruments both with physical materials or virtually in software. Fuck generic loops and recycling off-the-shelf presets. Time to be brave...

There is musicality in everything if you let yourself hear it. Leave nothing untried. Because there or thereabouts is nowhere near.

Make it memorable. Make it effortless. Make it unique.

Be anti-obvious.

The team


Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Keith Bayley

Senior Composer & Producer

Kayvan Moghaddassi

Director of Strategy

Nick Chambers

Director of Partnerships

Ryan Stephenson

Studio Engineer

Our Roster

Over 50 Musicians, Composers & Producers globally


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