Pokerstars 'Timeout'

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Pokerstars 'Timeout'

Original work makes a return

Words by Kayvan Moghaddassi, Thursday 7 Apr 2022


Last year we had the brilliant opportunity to bring an original track to Pokerstars' international campaign, a soulful little number that was recieved excellently by Anomaly and allowed us to get playful with our vintage artillery.

We're thrilled to hear it again in their latest installment to the campaign; it's always rewarding to see the work continue to hit the brief. The Anomaly production team had high praise from concept to completion, and both sides were enthused at the chance to crank out the old-skool gear for that authentic 70's sound.  

We look forward to seeing where this hero turns up next.


Posted by

Kayvan Moghaddassi

Director of Strategy

Thursday 7 Apr 2022