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Going old-skool for latest worldwide campaign

Words by Paul Sumpter, Wednesday 31 Mar 2021


We’re delighted to have music signed off for a cracking new spot from Inbetweeners creator Iain Morris and Anomaly London.

Produced by the good folks at Dog Eat Dog, we were tasked with providing a track that was instantly cool, engaging and yet didn’t obstruct the voiceover and full sound design.

Using all of our beautiful old vintage outboard gear, mics, guitars, pianos and tape machines, we were able to authentically compose and record that perfect early seventies soul vibe, complete with crispy picked bass, phased fuzz guitars and live horns courtesy of some good friends who have played for the likes of Mark Ronson, Jamiroquai, Martha Reeves and Friendly Fires.

Adopting a popular mix style of the time (the result of 4 and 8 track recording) – an old fashioned LCR (Left Center Right) style also added to the vintage flavour and nuance.

Alongside this we also delivered a thunderous fast-paced orchestral trailer style track for the opening of the spot to underscore the pseudo-filmic action scene being coordinated.

Despite it being the first time we had collaborated with the agency and director, the team were extremely happy with both pieces of music sailing through sign off without either requiring any amends at all. The Anomaly production team commented how impressed they’d all been by the detail we’d gone into and overall our enthusiasm for the brief, which from our point of view is obviously very satisfying indeed, if we feel should go without saying for a music production company.

The spots air in Europe and Canada from 23rd March.

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Wednesday 31 Mar 2021

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