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Going Big for BBH's Hilarious Latest Spot

Words by Paul Sumpter, Thursday 29 Jun 2017


We've throughly and unashamedly enjoyed working on the latest spot from Uber, directed by Bart Timmer of Outsider and devised by creative team Callum Prior and Marc Rayson at BBH London.

Working closely for producers Wake The Town, we were tasked with delivering an 80s style rock power ballad that sounded unerringly convincing of the era, to humorously underpin the lead character - a warehouse forklift truck driver's vain attempts to get off work early.

Drenched in chorus and reverb, we needed to make sure that the song not only felt compositionally 100% authentic to the style (big guitars, saccharine keys and even bigger drums) but that the lyrics also subtly delineated the narrative of the spot, without ever feeling forced or over-scored. We regularly get asked to do this sort of songwriting and we find the trick is in first and foremost making the track feel real and building a subtle metaphor out from there, so that it just makes the edit seem like a wonderfully happy accidental marriage of words with visuals, as opposed to a heavy handed interpretation of the storyline, which audience's tend to see through and in effect pulls them out of the film itself.

We brought in vocal powerhouse Stuart Perry of York-based band Sellsword to provide the heroic voice to sell our lyrics. We intentionally wrote the track in a particularly high key (as was often the case in the 80s) to engender that soaring anthemic delivery. But few could've pulled off the vocal with such gusto as Stuart.

Spandex and hairspray at the ready chaps...


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Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Thursday 29 Jun 2017