Tesco Food Love Stories

A Home-Grown Sound for New National Broadcast Campaign

Words by Keith Bayley, Friday 24 Jan 2020


It’s always great to work on a film for one of Britain’s best-loved brands.

The Tesco Food Love Stories campaign developed by BBH is all about the reality of modern family life and the role that proper home-cooked food plays in it. In the latest film in the series, Rita’s Rowdy Enchiladas, we see a mother surrounded by her kids wreaking good-natured havoc as they grow up. 

The music brief was very clear: a track that matched the feel of the film and the campaign, with warmth, humanity and energy that leads us into the moment as she serves up.

Senior Producer Keith came up with an all-acoustic track based around instruments and sounds you might find in any family home: acoustic guitars, harmonica, humming, finger clicks and old upright piano recorded in a junk shop…warm human sounds all recorded live for a relaxed and real feel. The tune builds in an arrangement as the kids get bigger and rowdier, before dropping into silence as Rita presents the enchiladas. “Hear that? Never failed yet.”

Rita’s Rowdy Enchiladas is on air in the UK from February 2020.

Director: Finn McGough for Pulse Films
Agency: BBH
Agency Creative Team: Matt Crump & Gavin McReady
Agency Producers: Georgina Kent & Suzy MacGregor
Original Music: The Futz Butler


Posted by
Senior Composer & Producer

Friday 24 Jan 2020

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