Tesco Food Love Stories Easter

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Tesco Food Love Stories Easter

Reworking the idea for unprecedented times

Words by Paul Sumpter, Sunday 29 Mar 2020


We've just delivered a lovely jazz score for the latest Tesco Food Love Stories campaign - our third project working on this account with BBH.

The ad, which originally took a slightly different tack in the script, has been re-worked beautifully to reflect the current social distancing measures that are in place, and we were more than happy to work dynamically from remote home studio setups to deliver the project. Our track musically balances the frenetic nature of the kitchen prep with the laid back relaxed scenes in bed.

And who doesn't love a good spring roast?


Agency: BBH

Creatives: Nick Kidney & Kevin Stark

Production Company: Archer's Mark

Director: Fred Scott

Music: The Futz Butler

Editing: Ten Three




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Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Sunday 29 Mar 2020