Sport Pesa #MakeItCount

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Sport Pesa #MakeItCount

Full Service for African Broadcast

Words by Paul Sumpter, Tuesday 14 Aug 2018


We've just finished original music, sound-design and audio-post for our friends over at Just So London on a cracking new project for global online casino (and Everton FC sponsor), Sport Pesa.

Working with Finnish director Miika Vaso, we were commissioned on the music side to create a banging original crossover that blended UK grime, US trap and African rhythmic influences into an eclectic and satisfying sonic melee, to accompany the pace of the edit.

We recorded the VO at our central London studio, and undertook full sound-design and broadcast spec final mix for Kenyan and Tanzanian national TV. Media planning for the #MakeItCount TVC includes Champions League and Premier League coverage across the DSTV network in Africa.


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Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Tuesday 14 Aug 2018