Sky History – Royal Kill List – VO Recording With Hollywood Legend Jared Harris

Words by Ryan Stephenson, Monday 25 Mar 2024

We recently had the pleasure of recording voiceover for Sky’s brand new documentary series, Royal Kill List, with none other than Hollywood legend Jared Harris.  

Produced by 72 films (John Lennon: Murder Without Trial / JFK One Day In America / House of Kardashian), the three part series, narrated by the star studded cast of Harris, Joseph Fiennes and Sheila Atim, explores the historical events preceding the first British civil war and the bloodthirsty revenge of King Charles II on his return to the throne.

Having three narrators can be logistically complex. However, with careful and thorough planning in collaboration with the production team at 72 films, we ironed out a razored workflow that kept everything on time and on budget. Line numbers, time codes, sync pops and navigation markers are critical when recording voiceover to picture, allowing talent to rattle through their scripts seamlessly. Of course, having a Hollywood legend in the hotseat helps to expedite the process even further!

Royal Kill List is available to stream now, on demand, on Sky History. Go give it a watch! 

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Studio Engineer

Monday 25 Mar 2024

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