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Hollywood Tells Us "There's a Beer for That..."

Words by Paul Sumpter, Wednesday 5 Oct 2016


We've just wrapped sound design for a quirky series of cinema ads for Picturehouse Cinemas. In conjunction with the Beer Alliance (we're already onboard...), we delivered sound design and Foley for three films entitled There's a Beer For That for We Are Telegraph Hill.

Each film opens with a customer coming to the bar of one of the Picturehouse theatres and asking for a recommendation of something to drink with the meal they've ordered.

Each ad then takes a surreal turn as the barman - impressionist Terry Mynott, goes into a spoof skit from Hollywood classic films, including The Shawshank Redemption (below), Forrest Gump and The Godfather. It was necessary that our sound design, therefore, highlighted the tilt shift in mood between the diegetic ambiance of the opening and the surreal atmosphere of the barman's monologue.

Each ad was lovingly mixed in 5.1 and is playing pre-trailers in Picturehouse cinemas nationwide.


Posted by

Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Wednesday 5 Oct 2016