Original music and sound design for new advertising campaign from Formidable Media

Words by Ryan Stephenson, Thursday 26 May 2022


We are very pleased to announce that we have just had sign-off on music, sound design and final mix for a project with the wonderful people at Lego. 

Founder and Creative Director Paul Sumpter was given the task of creating an upbeat original song to accompany a suite of films for a new campaign for the infamous toy brand. 

Having laid down the foundations of the track courtesy of a solid beat, Paul called upon his trusty Fender Telecaster to begin the guitar layering process, interspersing the track with intricate polyrhythms and country-infused ‘chicken-pickin’ guitar licks. 

Single coil pick-ups, especially those on a Telecaster, are notoriously good for clean tones, creating a smooth glassy timbre that makes them very popular for that classic “twangy” sound. Rhythm guitars, bass, keys and finally horns were added to the piece, acting as the main melodic centre point of the track. Their warm thick tone establishing a contrasting sonic texture to the other instrumentation, providing a fun upbeat flavour.

Once the music had been composed, mixed and mastered, it was time to add sound design. This was applied subtly so as to compliment the music and visuals, adding some nice colour and leading the viewer’s ear through the spots. The occasional Lego brick clicking into place and transition effects were marked carefully and seasoned to client taste. 

We really enjoyed working on this project for Lego and Formidable TV. The campaign airs this spring. 

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Thursday 26 May 2022

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