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Working on London Duo's New Album

Words by Paul Sumpter, Wednesday 6 May 2015


We’ve been thoroughly enjoying working with Catapult Records duo Moxie Kicks recently. Comprised of singer Charlie Freeman and guitarist / pianist and backing vocalist Jamie Brown, the pair have been receiving acclaim with their timeless British catchy songwriting and melodic hooks.

Following the success of debut single Soul For You in January this year, we were brought onboard to bring a different dimension to their sound, writing and producing two new songs with the band for their forthcoming album, both of which will be follow up singles.

The first Double Down is a ballsy jaunt through a gambling metaphor, featuring castanets, a mellotron and which we also laid down additional guitars and bass on too.

The second track Harness was a considered move to ease the guys outside of their comfort zone, experimenting with writing to a rhythmic idea as opposed to the usual guitar or piano inspiration which the lads are used to. This produced a remarkable vocal from Charlie to the hypnotic drum pattern we created, an huge drop C# riff, added ethereal slide feedback guitar and overall we created a song of real epic quality, which the band has been opening their live shows with.

The songs were mixed by Chris Potter, who mixed the Verve’s seminal Urban Hymns album and mastered in LA in April. 

Catch the band live in London, and follow @moxiekicks to keep up with what the band are up to.

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Wednesday 6 May 2015

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