Masters of War

Mixing Anti-Fascist Guerilla Film Protesting the Trump Regime

Words by Paul Sumpter, Tuesday 6 Nov 2018


As a tolerant and non-judgemental company, it’s rare that we get involved in overtly politicised projects. But then again, these are strange times to be living through…

We were approached very last minute over the weekend, by a previous collaborator to provide final audio mix and sound design for this powerful short film, released in the 24 hours leading up to the critical 2018 November US Midterm Elections.

With only four hours to clean up and pull together the various strands of dialogue, sfx and music into a coherent mix, there was obviously a technical challenge to meet the 9am East Coast deadline. But we were committed to doing this sound mix justice with the short time available, as firm advocates of the message the film’s creators were trying to highlight – opposition to the collusion, financial corruption and mindless, moral bankruptcy of the Trump administration.

The film opens with an Ed Sheeran cover of Bob Dylan’s 1963 protest song Masters of War and culminates with Paolo Nutini’s Iron Sky set against Charlie Chaplin’s inspirational speech from the 1940 film, The Great Dictator. The fact that both of these historical artistic discourses are still relevant today, is saddening in itself.

The anti-fascist stance this film seeks to spread is one we clearly stand strongly behind, and so one we at least, are proud to put our name to.


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Tuesday 6 Nov 2018

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