Original Composition & Post for Global Re-Launch Campaign

Words by Paul Sumpter, Friday 11 Sep 2020


We’re delighted to reveal we have just had sign off on new music for the Bish Bash Bosh campaign re-launching the world’s number one hygiene soap brand Lifebuoy, back into the UK&I market rolling out globally as part of a £12m TV, VOD, social, digital, radio and PR strategy in light of the global Cornavirus pandemic.

Supervised by Unilever’s exclusive music partner Big Sync, we were commissioned directly following detailed conversations with agency Mullen Lowe London to deliver a 100% authentic sounding doo-wop soundtrack that would lead the animated campaign. 

Our task was to take the brand / agency lyrics and create a ‘believable’ track, that added credibility and production style and value via the authentic vintage feel to the spots, whilst delivering the brand’s clear message in an accessible and upbeat way.

As ever, we painstakingly recorded everything from scratch using era-faithful engineering techniques, instruments, outboard gear and mastering processes, including printing takes through our beloved 1964 Automan 2 1/4 inch tape machine.

The repsonse from the team was one of pure joy that ‘that sound’ could be recreated in this day in age so quickly and accurately. Always nice to hear from our side. And aside of a few client lyric changes – version 1 of the track was signed off, again affirming our dedication to understanding the brief in a holistic way from the getgo.

Alongside delivering original music, we also stepped in at the agency’s behest to deliver final broadcast spec mixes, following some brand dis-satisfaction with the final on air mix, from one of the major Soho post houses. The agency producer asked if we could remedy the brand feedback which to that point had not been achieved by the dub-house, despite several attempts. Our final mix hit just the right spot and was quickly swapped in for all future media spend.

Feedback from all quarters has been resoundingly positive. From agency feedback such as:


The track you and your crew created is outstanding – better than we could have imagined. 

Mullen Lowe London

to 4 stars on David Reviews. As well as comments from the wider public clamouring to find where they could access the track, convinced it was an early 60s recording (that’s job done from our point of view). 🙂

The second film in the campaign series featuring the same track with new visuals and lyrcis airs globally later this month, with several supporting tracks in the same style being developed over the next few weeks to support Lifebuoy’s world’s largest hand-washing behaviour change programmes worldwide – reaching over one billion people since 2010 working with more than 4,000 schools to reach over a million children from September.


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Friday 11 Sep 2020

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