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Back to Mono for Latest International Kerrygold Campaign

Words by Paul Sumpter, Monday 7 Nov 2016


We've just delivered an original authentic early sixties R n B song for the new campaign for Kerrygold butter.

Produced for our good friends at Wake The Town for Kamarama and Blink, this lovely film with the slogan "the wetter the weather, the better the butter" highlights the upside of the damp Irish weather, in that it produces great pastures for cattle.

Our brief was to create a fully credible song that carefully threaded a subtle uplifting rain metaphor into the lyrical theme, whilst staying completely true to not only the composition and production styles, but also the language and melodic character of the era. We of course had to be very mindful not to write anything that felt forced lyrically, which would undermine the credibility of both the song itself and it's sync. As with most all of our work, it had to feel commercially real.

We drafted in the wonderful Acantha Lang on lead vocals, who brought her sultry New Orleans delivery to the lyrics and melody we had scored. Adding a simple arrangement of guitar, bass, piano and strings all faithfully recorded and produced in the pain-staking detail of an early sixties style - loose, warm yet with a lovely valve grit - and of course in Mono, brought the idea to life and added the necessary character to this charming spot.

We even managed to create a lovely deep south barbershop feel in the backing vocals, via some clever Varispeed pitch effects (recording us singing the lines higher and at a quicker tempo, then slowing back down to the original tempo), creating the deep rich bass tones associated with doo-wop vocals.

The campaign has already received a glowing 5 star review from David Reviews and first aired on November 1st. Check out the film below.


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Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Monday 7 Nov 2016