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Music Delivered for Inaugural TV Campaign

Words by Paul Sumpter, Wednesday 21 Oct 2015


We’ve just delivered music for a beautifully vivid film from director Jason Lowe and 2am Films for the first TV and cinema campaign from artisan soup company, Glorious!

Commissioned by our good friends at Soho Music, we were tasked with creating a track that matched the bright colours and eclecticism in the visuals, with a subtle yet palatable world music flavour. We did this by creating a series of bespoke loops by processing our trusty Gretsch resonator acoustic guitar through a granular synthesis engine, to produce a series of bustling, moving pitched artifacts and sympathetic tones, which emulates in a more modern production capacity, the kind of tones and textures you might be able to produce on instruments from the sub-continent. We then layered on percussion parts, again processed, including an open hand slap to an bottle rim to give a bulbous pseudo-tabla-esque flavour to the bottom end of the mix. As the pace of the edit builds, so does the music, culminating in a celebratory finale whereby, like the recipes, all strands of the film come together in perfect balance.

The ad premiered on 18th October on ITV1 during the break in The X Factor. Take a look at the spot below and let us know what you think!

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Wednesday 21 Oct 2015

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