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Rocking Out for Latest Adam & Eve / DDB Campaign

Words by Paul Sumpter, Monday 27 Jul 2015


We've just had sign-off on a brilliantly funny, tongue in cheek new spot from Adam & Eve DDB for Foster's latest UK TV #WhyTheHellNot campaign. Commissioned and produced by Leland Music, we were tasked with producing a big ballsy classic rock track that underpinned the gender struggle the male hero character goes through in his role as an Australian rugby team cheerleader, in a clear departure from the 'lad' dominated campaigns previously associated with Foster's.

It was important for us to outline the narrative build in a subtle way so as to retain the feeling the track could be a commercially released piece, and similarly not to overplay the comedy of the visuals we see of his 'Rocky-style' cheerleading training, until his motivations are revealed towards the end of the 60 second ad.

Directed by Gary Freedman, the ad has already scooped a five star review from Creativity Online and Ad of the Day from Campaign Magazine. It plays out nationwide on July 24th in conjunction with Foster's ongoing sponsorship of Comedy on Channel 4. Take a look below.


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Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Monday 27 Jul 2015