Carved in Mayhem

Stunning New Film from NY Director of 'Anamoly'

Words by Paul Sumpter, Thursday 24 Mar 2016


We’ve just wrapped sound-design on an incredible new film from acclaimed director Dan DiFelice, titled Carved In Mayhem. With stunning visual fx courtesy of Framestore and Dan’s signature stark cinematography, we were sure to bring our A-game to this project, which has already landed a Vimeo Staff Pick.

The short relays the struggle and redemption of transient street-poet and homeless boxer Johnny ‘Bang’ Reilly, a 52 year old half-Jamaican half-Irish mixed martial arts specialist. The film highlights JBR’s intense rhythmical wordplay dealing with themes of addiction and self-identity, set against a brutal lifestyle piece (he was forced to be homeless most of his life due to his struggle with drug abuse, but now chooses to do so out of preference).

Director DiFelice’s work straddles the line between visual and narrative storytelling. “My goal is to try and layer detail and narrative foundations beneath a form that tends to be quite instantly gratifying” says Dan. “I try and do something new/unique with every project to keep the process as fresh as possible and so I can always keep learning.”

We were commissioned by our good friends at 1-Louder to create a brooding, edgy yet beautifully poised and understated sound-design track that interjected moments of calm with intense bursts of what the director described as ‘violence’. In a refreshing turn, we were asked to underplay our approach and let the sound wash subtly across the film, choosing our moments carefully as to where the sound design should come to the fore and create drama. As a result the final sound design element displays considerable restraint.

The response to the film in the wider online community has been nothing short of amazing. “Johnny’s story is about rising from the ashes no matter how late it might seem. It’s a tribute to second chances, to the profound transformation that can come from one man deciding every single day to walk toward the good, even when society has labeled him the opposite” commented Dan in an interview this week. “Everyone involved in the film, at every level, sacrificed greatly to see it come to life. There is no client here. No brand behind it. No commercial payoff.”

Take a look below and let us know what you think!

Credits A Neighborhood Film Co. Production / Produced by: Dan Walser / Directed by: Dan DiFelice / Cinematography: Khalid Mohtaseb & Dan Stewart / Production Design: Joe Sciacca / Visual FX: Framestore London / Music: Luke Atencio / Sound Design: Paul Sumpter for 1-Louder / Color: Tom Poole + CO3

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Thursday 24 Mar 2016

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