1 Object Series: Face Mask

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1 Object Series: Face Mask

Producing an entire track out of just one object

Words by Kayvan Moghaddassi, Wednesday 28 Jul 2021


It seems that face masks will be around a bit longer than we’d hoped. Right now they may feel like a nuisance, but they will no doubt present as a universal and cultural symbol of safety, unity and nostalgia...one day.

We challenged Head Composer and Sound Designer Paul to create an entire track using a face mask - and nothing else -  as part of our new 1 Object Series

Almost anything can serve as an instrument, yielding vibrations to be shaped and pitched into something performable, usually with unique results. 

Using rejected and unlikely instruments is often central to our workflow as it can create a totally unique palette of sounds - there’s musicality in everything if you let yourself hear it. So we thought we’d push the boat out a little further for this series. We’re collecting the most seemingly unmusical and banal objects we can find, to challenge us to get creative in the studio using them to produce new sounds and custom instruments, in the hope of coming up with a fully formed original composition by the end of the process.



Keep your ear to the ground for our next episode. 



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Kayvan Moghaddassi

Director of Strategy

Wednesday 28 Jul 2021