Photos Come To Life - Google Pixel World of Magic

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Photos Come To Life - Google Pixel World of Magic

James Massiah poetry reading recorded and mixed at The Futz Butler for new interactive pop-up experience

Words by Ryan Stephenson, Saturday 5 Nov 2022


We had the pleasure of working with global brand experience agency Amplify on a new interactive installation for Google Pixel, providing voiceover recording and mix for musician James Massiah’s recital of an original poem. 

The installation, currently on show in 55 Regent Street, allows visitors to explore a myriad of objects erased from photos using the Google Pixel Magic Eraser. From street signs, to bicycles - enter a world of digitally discarded objects. 

The key to a great vocal mix starts at the source, with a great recording, using a great mic, room and pre-amp. If it sounds good before you even touch a fader, the voiceover will mix itself (well… not quite literally, but you get the philosophy). 

This was a fantastic project to be involved in and we loved working with the amazing team at Amplify to bring their vision to life. 

Google Pixel World of Magic runs for two weeks from the 19th to the 29th of May. Entry is free, so why not pop down and take a look around?    


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Ryan Stephenson

Studio Engineer

Saturday 5 Nov 2022