Aberrant Aural Wallpaper

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Aberrant Aural Wallpaper

Launching Our Brand New Spotify New Music Playlist

Words by Paul Sumpter, Sunday 28 Oct 2018


We’re entirely excited to announce we’ve just launched our fortnightly new music Spotify playlist, humbly entitled Aberrant Aural Wallpaper.

The playlist updated on the first and third Monday of each month, shines a light on some of the most original, inventive and disruptive new music out there, coupled with a healthy smattering of the oft-forgotten rare, crate-dug tunes we feel deserve some new love.

“We understand that our clients often look to us to be something of a cultural conduit, particularly when it comes to new music and fresh new sounds.” explains The Futz Butler founder Paul Sumpter. “And as this is the stuff we’re listening to and bands we’re seeing live anyway, it made perfect sense to be able to offer this back to our clients in a digestible way, that introduces them to music they may likely not have either come across, or very often not had the time to discover.

Streaming has made access to new music easier than ever, but as with any platform, wading through the sheer volume of material out there to find the really interesting unheard stuff can seem daunting, especially as most of our clients are pretty short on time. It’s a time commitment, you need to have a passion for. The frustration of knowing there’s amazing new stuff to be discovered out there, but not knowing where to track it down or having the energy is something many of the clients we work with relay to us a lot. All we’re doing is curating what we feel to be the most innovative new work out there, so they can regularly and simply stay up to date.

Being across new styles and music production techniques help inform and shape the work we deliver - we absorb and enjoy as all musicians do and we believe the wider the net you spread, the more interesting the music you create is. But moreover, this enables us during the critical briefing stage of a new collaboration, to suggest fresh and exciting new routes and stylistic combinations to tackling the project’s needs that might not otherwise be considered. We feel passionately that it should seldom solely be the job of the creative team or director to come up with an all-encompassing musical framework that exhausts or at least explores all possible avenues. Instead, any good music production company should be able to understand the needs of the film and be able to advocate fresh new forms and musical manifestations beyond the expectation or knowledge of the client. We think that should sort of go without saying, but the reality is a lot of music production companies can be pretty stuck in their ways offering often derivative or staid suggestions that don’t really facilitate the most creative work.

And having a broad and non-superficial grasp on the most pioneering musical work emerging allows us obviously, to counter this.”

So whether it’s listening on the commute or on the office Bluetooth speakers, we genuinely hope you buzz off these tracks as much as we do. Hit 'follow' on the playlist to stay up to date and wrap your ears around something new. You may just discover your new favourite band…


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Paul Sumpter

Founder & Creative Director

Sunday 28 Oct 2018